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Our philosophy

From a small store in Liestal and the desire to produce and distribute excellent, sustainable and high quality nutrition, the ölBar was born.

In our oil manufactory in Liestal, we process oil seeds, kernels and nuts from recognized organic farming in the artisan tradition into high-quality, cold-pressed edible oils and natural fine food specialties.

We produce our olive oil from centuries-old olive groves in Sicily in the beautiful valley of Noto. The olives are still picked personally by hand – you are welcome to join us for the next olive harvest, which will be a real event due to the good food and nature. If you are interested, just contact us.

The quality of our culinary delights is particularly close to our hearts and since the beginning our motto has been “quality instead of mass”. We pursue the claim to extract the oil as gently as possible and thus to be able to offer a high-quality fresh product. Our natural seed, kernel and nut oils are gently pressed under 37 degrees in raw food quality, which preserves vitamins, nutrients and the typical flavor of the varieties.

We press with a water-cooled screw press to extract the oil from the raw materials. After the pressing process, the oils rest for one or two days so that the suspended matter can sediment. During this process, we do not use the usual production steps such as filtering or centrifuging. After sedimentation, we fill the oil by hand.

Since we pursue a holistic concept, we also utilize the by-products generated during the oil production. The sediment can be purchased as a pulp. And we grind the press cakes into part-deoiled, gluten-free flours that are extremely rich in protein and fiber.

Furthermore, we are constantly looking for producers who, like us, care for the raw material with love and process it with respect for nature. Accordingly, among our products you will find the excellent fine food articles of Tasting Sicily, which contain the authentic flavors of Sicily.

Harvest with friends and culinary delights

Our store

Next store openings in January: saturdays from 10h to 15h

At our weekly openings you can test the quality of our product selection in the store in Liestal. We wanted to create a small gourmet corner where you can find natural and healthy flavors in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere.

We produce our seed, kernel and nut oils on site in Liestal. As a manufacturing company, we focus on transparency: the production room is open for everyone to see and there is the possibility to visit the production and look over our shoulders.

If you can’t reach our store, you can also have our products delivered directly to your home via our online store.






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